Every year, hundreds of thousands of tons of construction waste goes into our landfills creating environmental hazards. Our goal at Reclaim It Atlanta is to provide a place where usable construction materials can find a new home and be re-used or re-purposed. Our retail store operates six days a week and supplies these materials to over 1,000 customers at very good prices. The revenue from the operation supports our staff and an 18,800 square foot facility that houses five to seven non-profit organizations.

Reclaim It Atlanta seeks donations of re-useable building materials, furniture, appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures. We also accept household items, supplies and vehicle donations. All donations are tax deductible and we provide a receipt for your donation.

Items that we cannot accept:
● Hazardous fuels, chemicals, solvent-based coatings
● Lead Paint
● Materials treated with arsenic


All donations for resell must be in good physical and working condition and donors must tell us what issues the items may have. This list represents the typical items we accept in our warehouse.  We retain the right to decline donations so please call us if you have donations.


● Appliances                                                    ● Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
● Countertops                                                  ● Kitchen & Bath Sinks
● Furniture                                                       ● Lighting & Lamps
● Hardware                                                      ● Tools
● Home Improvement Items                        ● Toilets
● Tubs                                                                ● Faucets
● Tile                                                                  ● Flooring (Wood, Vinyl, Laminate)
● Area Rugs & Carpet Tile                             ● Painting Supplies
● Windows                                                        ● Doors
● Architectural items                                      ● Artwork
● Homegoods & Small Electrics                   ● Décor pieces
● Landscape & Gardening Supplies             ● Decking Materials
● Wood (Lumber, moldings, trims)             ● Arts and craft supplies
● Mirrors                                                           ● Office furniture
● ● This list is not all inclusive, we accept most items when warehouse space permits. Please call with questions or email pics of items for donation● ●